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Philippe Preux
Professor of Computer Science
University of Lille
Head of the SequeL project, INRIA Lille-Nord Europe and CRIStAL, CNRS, Université de Lille.

SequeL is looking for professors, associate professors, INRIA researchers, CNRS researchers, and engineers. Please get in touch by email.

We are organizing the 14th European Workshop on Reinforcement Learning (EWRL) in Lille, early October 2018. We have yet an outstanding list of invited speakers who have confirmed their participation: Nicolo Cesa-Bianchi, Tze Leung Lai, Joelle Pineau, Martin Riedmiller, Richard Sutton. (The list may grow further...).
So, Lille will be the center of the reinforcement learning and bandit research this Fall. Don't miss it!

Other things I've been involved in, or I am currently involved in.

Otherwise, a few words about me (a very short vita is available here):


Parc Scientifique de la haute Borne
Parc Plaza - Bâtiment A
40, Avenue Halley
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq
Tel : from abroad
Fax : from abroad
Mel : p h i l i p p e . p r e u x @
My picture may be found there.

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