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Programs under GPL :

Here there are a few codes I developped and released :
  • A small Google Chrome extension, to avoid a copy/paste : Select Search.
  • With Sylvain Gelly (Guru level C++ coder) and Olivier Teytaud (Guru Master) we developped an Open Stochastic Dynamic Programming solution. The initial website is now down due to some sourceforge evolutions, but the code is now included in the project Mash (decision making under uncertainity).
  • When I learned C++ I wrote a robots' simulator : World in a bottle (WoB), was used at Ecole Polytechnique for teaching of robotics. The Mains interests are natural links with EO (a library for evolving techniques), easy coding of you're controller and portability. However, the code is a bit crapy…
  • I also worked on a tool for micro array analysis : BioRelief. It was developped when I worked with «Institut Curie» on analysis of genome expression of S. Cervisae.
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