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Here, I present you some of my favorite links. They reflect my personnal interrest, so do not hope to find some logic here :)

Minna Nihongo !

I am learning japanese language by myself. If, like me, you are interrested in this fascinating language, I can only recommend you JAPANESE POD 101: a website that delivers free high quality japanese lessons in english. Actually, the service is free for audio lessons only, and for a small fee, you have text lessons, exercices and much more. But audio lessons are already good enough to help you to discover this language alone.

For those who want to learn kanji, several websites exist but I recommend you Reviewing the Kanji which is a very complete website to help you to learn, well, kanji. It has some feature that helps you to keep track of the kanji you mastered, help you to draw them and to recognise them. Oh yeah, and it is free !

Roleplaying Game.

Being probably one of the last existing roleplayer (and I do NOT mean video games but real 'paper' role playing game), I have to give some words to help my hobby to survive. Unfortunately, I have a difficulty to guide you toward a good 'general' website about role-playing. But you can check the FFJdR (Federation Francaise de Jeu de Rôle), the Grog for french websites. Scenariotheque also has a lot of ressources.

For english website, I can send you to or simply check the wikipedia webpage on roleplaying game, that contains a rather nice presentation of this hobby and a lot of good links.

Oh yeah, and did I mention GURPS ?


Not really one of my hobby, but definitively something to discover. You'd be amazed by all the things you can do with a couple of sheets of papers : pets, dragons or complexe machinery. I am not talking of origami, but of papercraft.

check those website for a lot of funny things easy to do.

Chasing foxes

Of course, I have to mention free softwares. First, if you dare reading this webpage with a non-standard compliant navigator (like MS Internet Explorer...), I have to tell you about Firefox: more secure, faster, better AND free ! If you are one of the few who still don't use it, hurry up and switch ! Also, for those who STILL use Outlook express, switch to Thunderbird: more secure, faster, better AND free !

Many good free solutions exists for many purposes: Open Office ( French link) is a complete office solution (with spreadsheet, wordprocessor and so on) totally free, Gimp (in french) is a free image editor with a lot of possibilities, KompoZer lets you design easily web pages, and many other exists.

Those softwares are often comparable to their non-free counterpart, and sometimes better !

Aurélien Lemay