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Most of my teaching activity is in UFR LEA (Langues Etrangères Appliquées - Applied Foreign Language) of University of Lille III. UFR LEA gives several formations to its students with four strong objectives.

But do not hesistate to check UFR LEA's website for more informations !

My role in UFR LEA

I am coordinator of the computer science in UFR LEA. I am also teaching in several formations :

But check the courses section of this web site for more details.

C2i Certificate

C2i (Certificat Informatique et Internet - Internet and Computer Science Certificate) is a certificate that validate knowledge of a good basic user of computer science. This covers things such as use of a computer environment, wordprocessor, spreadsheet, research tools and clever use of the Internet. Also, C2i is now necessary to enter in french teacher schools (IUFM).

I am a member of the commitee in charge of the installation of C2i in University of Lille III since 2006. The university now offers this certificate in most of its formations. Students can either follow courses of their cursus if they exist, or can simply pass the exam. For those students C2i team provide documents to help them.

In UFR LEA, C2i is now fully integrated in the formation. A student who went through the first two years of Licence LEA can simply validate the knowledge he acquired following computer science courses. Next, a small course of ten hours (mostly remotely) and an exam are necessary to obtain C2i.

For more details, check the C2i Website for the university of Lille III.

Aurélien Lemay