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Here, you will find some course material. They are designed for UFR LEA formations but could certainly be reused for other purpose. Also they are free of right, if you intend to use them, that would be nice to send me an email.

Also note that all courses presented here are in French. Also note that, as I am always working to improve my courses, they may not be up to date.

Programming with VBA / Excel

This course is designed for Licence 3 TCI. It explains basis of programmation for a non scientist public and its use in a spreadsheet.

Cours d'Excel VBA
Petite démonstration... TP 1 - L'enregistreur de macros TP 2 - Les premieres macros
TP 3 - Les variables TP 4 - Et si... TP 5 - Le parcours de Liste
TP 7 - Parcours multi-listes TP 8 - Parcours multi-listes (2) TP 10 - de beaux formulaires

Database with MS Access

This course explains basis of database conception (with Merise Technic). It also explains how to create a small database with MS Access. This course has been designed for Master 1 TCI and M1 ANI. To some extent, it is also linked with the course of M1 Tourisme.

Note that most documents have been created with Francois Horn, Laurent Gournay, and strongly inspired by Dominique Gonzalez works.

Création de base de données sous Access
Partie 1 - Merise (poly) Partie 1 - Merise (transparents)
Partie 2 - Creation de base sous Access (poly) Partie 2 (transparents)

Web Site Conception

This course presents technics used to create webpage. You will find material about HTML and CSS stylesheet. This course concerns M1 ANI and M1 TSM. Note that while there are a lot of similarities, there are still some difference between courses of those two formations. M1 ANI is more 'web design' oriented while M1 TSM is more 'code handling' oriented. You can download here file corresponding to courses of M1 ANI.

Création de site Web
Le langage HTML - Le cours Le langage HTML - Les exercices Les fichiers pour le site 'Dahu'
Les corrigés du Dahu Les feuilles de style CSS (le cours) Les fichiers pour les exercices sur le CSS
Les fichier pour l'exercice 'Cuisine' 2. css exercices.pdf

XML Technologies

This course is all about discovering and using XML technologies. Beside XML and related format (DTDs for instance), we use XSLT to transform an XML document into another. The purpose of this course is a mini-project. Students are expected to create a small set of XML document that follows a DTD, and to create a XSLT sheet that transforms those document into a set of webpages.

Les technologies XML
0. Introduction sur XML 1. XML et DTD Fichiers pour l'exercice CV
2. Les outils du XML Fichiers pour l'exercice CV et XSLT TP xml + dtd.pdf

Other Courses

One day maybe, I will talk to you of my other courses, past and present...

Aurélien Lemay