Rémi Gilleron

I am retired but still active as ``professeur émérite'' at Lille university.
rémi gilleron


I am involved in Machine Learning but was previously researcher in theoretical computer science (see paper on set constraints and the TATA book). I am member of the MAGNET research team. I am interested in graph-based learning and learning for natural language processing: Previous works include conditional random fields (CRFs) for XML trees; grammatical inference based learning algorithms for XML queries; boosting algorithms for multi-task learning; learning from positive examples only; and simple PAC models based on Kolmogorov complexity.


rémi gilleron


Centre de Recherche INRIA Lille Nord Europe
Parc Scientifique de la Haute Borne
Park Plaza - Bât A - 40 avenue Halley
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex

Phone (INRIA office): (+33) 3 59 35 87 22
email: remi dot gilleron at inria dot fr


I was in charge of the master "Web Analyst". I gave lectures on data mining (clustering and classification), on databases (relational and NoSQL), information retrieval and semantic Web.

Some lecture notes (in french): culture numérique, options numériques de licence humanités, bases de données avancées, Web sémantique, algorithmes de fouille de données, introduction à la programmation en R pour les jeux de données, recherche d'information et référencement et divers cours de niveau licence (bases, documents, html, tableur).

Family and spare-time activities