Daniela Dudau Sofronie


From september 2004 I am Research and Teaching Assistant (ATER) at Paris 4 University of Sorbonne, LaLICC Laboratory .

Between 2003-2004 I was Research and Teaching Assistant at Lille3 University.

I own a Ph.D. in Computer Science from USTL Lille1 University, France Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille and Al.I. Cuza University Iasi, Romania, Computer Science Faculty

Here is my Curriculum Vitae :

In 2004, I participated to the action "Valorisation des compétences. Nouveau chapitre de la thèse", initiated by Association Bernard Gregory in collaboration with the Ecole Doctorale of Lille 1. Here is my new chapter of the thesis.

Adresses :

Laboratoire LaLICC 
Université Paris 4 - Sorbonne 
28, Rue Serpente 
75006 Paris 
Phone: (+33) 01 53 10 58 25
Equipe Grappa 
Domaine Universitaire Pont de Bois
Université Charles de Gaulle - Lille 3 
59653 Villeneuve d'Ascq CEDEX 
E-mail: dudau@grappa.univ-lille3.fr